Daily Food Menu

Week 1

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Breakfast 9:00 am Blueberry Muffin, Apricots, Milk Pancakes with Syrup, Oranges, Milk English Muffins with Strawberry Cream Cheese, Peaches, Milk Cereal with Milk, Bananas, Milk Whole Wheat Toast, Apples, Milk
Lunch 12:00 pm French Toast Stick with Syrup, Sausage, Hashbrown, Fruit Cocktail, Milk Spaghetti with Meatballs, Peas, Apples, Milk Tacos (Ground Beef, Beans, and Shredded Cheese in a Ww Tortilla), Corn, Applesauce, Milk Tuna Melt, Cooked Carrots, Pears, Milk Hamburger Mac (Macaroni & Cheese and Hamburger, Pineapple, Peas, Milk
Snack 3:00 pm Dry Cereal, Pears, Water Vanilla Wafers with Strawberry Cream Cheese, Juice Biscuits w/Jelly, Milk Goldfish Crackers, Mandarin Oranges, Water Rice Cakes, Milk

Week 2

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Breakfast 9:00 am Waffles with Syrup, Applesauce, Milk Whole Wheat Toast, Mandarin Oranges, Milk Whole Wheat Bagels with Strawberry Cream Cheese, Pears, Milk Cereal with Milk, Banana, Juice Oatmeal with Apple Slices, Milk
Lunch 12:00 pm Chicken and Rice Casserole (Cream of Chicken Soup, Rice, Chicken), Apricots, Peas, Milk Cheese Ravioli with Spaghetti Sauce, Mixed Vegetables, Bananas, Milk Tuna Mac (Macaroni & Cheese and Tuna), Carrots, Fruit Salad, Milk Turkey & Cheese Subs (Turkey and Sliced Cheese on a bun), Ranch Potatoes, Apricots, Milk Omelettes (Eggs, Milk, Ham Chunks, Shredded Cheese / under 12 months omit eggs), Whole Wheat Toast, Peaches, Mixed Veggies, Milk
Snack 3:00 pm Soft Pretzels, Oranges, Water Ritz Crackers, Sliced Cheese, Water Biscuits, Peaches, Water Goldfish Crackers, Hummus, Milk Fruit Bars, Milk

Week 3

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Breakfast 9:00 am English Muffin with Jelly, Pineapple, Milk Biscuits w/Butter, Apricots, Milk French Toast Sticks with, Syrup, Applesauce, Milk Muffins, Bananas, Milk Whole Wheat Toast, Oranges, Milk
Lunch 12:00 pm Sloppy Joes on a Bun (Ground Beef & Manwich), Tater Tots, Peaches, Milk Chicken and Cheese Taquitos, Fruit Cocktail, Corn, Milk Chicken Alfredo (Noodles, Chicken Patties, Alfredo Sauce), Mixed Veggies, Pears, Milk Hamburger on a Bun, Baked Beans, Apples, Milk Soy Nut Butter and Jelly Sandwich, Pineapple, Mixed Veggies, Milk
Snack 3:00 pm Hummus, Gold Fish Crackers, Milk Dry Cereal, Apples, Water Soft Pretzels with Cinnamon Sprinkles, Milk Rice Cakes, Peaches, Milk Ritz Crackers, Cheese Sticks, Milk

Week 4

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Breakfast 9:00 am Pancake Pears, Milk Muffins, Oranges, Milk Oatmeal, Apple Slices, Milk Fruit Bars, Bananas, Milk Biscuits w/Butter, Sausage, Peaches, Milk
Lunch 12:00 pm Fish Sticks, Slice of Bread, Cooked Carrots, Apples, Milk Sliced Ham and Cheese on a Bun, Mashed Potatoes, Corn, Milk Chicken & Cheese Quesadillas (Chicken and Cheese on a Whole Wheat Tortilla), Mixed Veggies, Oranges, Milk English Muffin Pizza (English Muffins, Tomato Sauce, Cheese, Pepperoni), Peas, Pineapple, Milk Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwich, Fruit Cocktail, Corn, Milk
Snack 3:00 pm Soy Nut Butter, Ritz Crackers, Water Fruit Bars, Banana, Water Cheese Sticks, Juice Graham Crackers, Apricots, Water Ritz Crackers, Milk